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It's the fastest growing sport in the WORLD and it's making it's name in the US. Matrix has the ONLY courts in Arkansas. Click below to see how it's played!

3 Outdoor Courts


Get involved! Check out our upcoming leagues. We have divisions for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 


Need more practice? Our certified coaches can help your game in both a group or private setting.


Get involved! We have many different programs and leagues every week to make the game all the more fun! 

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What is Padel?

The fastest growing sport in the WORLD! Padel is a mix between racquetball and tennis played on a turf surface surrounded by glass and fencing. 

Court Reservations

Grab some friends and get ready to have some fun!

Arkansas Matrix

MATRIX Club is the home of the Arkansas Matrix Pro Padel League Team! 

Club Programs

Padel Clinics

Saturdays (Summer 2024)

Padel clinics are geared towards new and current players and will provide basic introduction and tips.

Matrix will resume beginner and intermediate clinics in Summer 2024.



Members $20

Nonmembers $30 



Spring - starts May 7th

Fall - starts September 3rd


Unlimited Members $0

Members $40

Nonmembers $100 


Summer Classic 

June 22 - 23

Padel Club Championship

August 31 - September 1 

What level am I?


  • Trying to keep the ball in

  • Difficulty with off the wall shots, overheads, and inconsistent lobs

  • Still learning basic strategies like serve and volley



  • Able to play off the wall but not super consistent

  • Consistent volleys at the net

  • Can cover the court

  • Trouble with overheads and overall consistency when being aggressive

  • Consistently make 1st serves and get to the net quickly

  • Know the proper strategies but difficulty executing


  • Consistently play off the walls and let’s balls go in order to use the wall

  • Aggressive and consistent overheads

  • Can place the serve in the wall at will

  • Knows how to be aggressive from the back of the court to get to the net

  • Can execute different strategies

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