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In a nutshell,

Shannon Hudson and Johan den Toom, both former Razorback tennis players from 2013-2017, are a dynamic duo who discovered their passion for tennis and business. Their collaborative efforts led to the creation of Matrix Club, an impressive 10-acre facility that provides top-tier tennis, pickleball, padel and group fitness experiences.

The complete narrative:


Meet Shannon Hudson and Johan den Toom, two former Arkansas Razorback tennis alumni on a mission to make a positive impact in Northwest Arkansas.


Their childhoods were defined by traversing the United States and Europe, competing in prestigious national and international junior tennis tournaments. Both achieved top-5 rankings in their respective countries and stood among the elite in their recruiting class.


During their sophomore season, Shannon and Johan's love story began, and they've been inseparable ever since. Together, they made the deliberate choice to complete their education in five years, granting themselves a transition period to relish student life without the constraints of athletics.


In their fifth year at the University of Arkansas, they expanded their involvement in tennis instruction and delved deeper into the Northwest Arkansas tennis community. This was the turning point when they recognized the need for a transformation – not just within the local tennis community but in the broader realm of tennis, racquet sports, and wellness. The time had come to rejuvenate Arkansas and position themselves at the forefront of the wellness industry.


Their vision was to establish a comprehensive campus where every community member could relish and create lasting memories. It all started with tennis. Countless hours of brainstorming, research, and envisioning the perfect "tennis club" led them to the discovery of exciting new sports: pickleball and padel. They also recognized the rising popularity of boutique fitness. Consequently, they integrated the three most sought-after boutique-style fitness studios into the project: The CAGE (HIIT), The FLOW (yoga), and The AMP (spin). Before long, it became apparent that they were not just creating a tennis club; they were building a racquet sports and health club.

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