Are you ready to Get Your Ride On at Matrix?

We are keeping it fun with music-driven indoor cycling classes.  

In the Matrix Fitness Hub, you’ll find a spin theater with top of the line Schwinn spin bikes where you can track your workouts, compete with your friends or enjoy a quick lunch time spin to burn over 500 calories in 30 min.


Matrix offers a variety of spin classes that get you fit and help you have fun doing so. Our studio is loud and exciting; making everyone feel welcome. The atmosphere is like nothing else in NWA, with stadium-style tiers of 20 bikes, state of the art audio, luxury amenities and invigorating coaches.

Benefits of Spinning:

  • Burn Calories - According to Harvard Health, a one-hour long ride at moderate intensity burns approximately 420 - 622 calories at a moderate pace.

  • Improve your Cardio for a Healthy Heart with a low-impact cardiovascular workout.

  • Set your own pace.  If you are looking for a high-intensity work out, then crank up the speed and resistance frequently.  If are not, that's okay too.  You choose your own comfort zone and make the experience your own.

  • Be part of a team.  Regardless of your fitness level, members ride side by side encouraging each other.  Working together as a team to reach individual goals.  The energy you feel from your team is contagious and will motivate you to get the most out of your ride.

  • Full-body workout that is easy on your joints and doesn't add bulk.​Spinning (indoor spinning) recruits slow-twitch muscle fibers designed for endurance, not bulk. 

  • Adding spinning to your workout regime a few times a week will advance your fitness and create a more toned physique.